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The mystical is what cannot be touched and what cannot be seen. Only those wild at heart are able to experience it, as they are connected through special lines and shapes invisible to others. We call these symbols The Mystics. We celebrate and unite them, for the untamed and dauntless kindred spirits.

How it all started
Years ago after having trouble finding jewelry she would love to wear, Afra decided to try to make some herself. She discovered that she loved to do this so much, she wanted to design and create more and more. Through friends she met someone who had been a goldsmith for over 15 years and decided to take masterclasses from her. Afra then became a goldsmith herself. Now, years later, Afra wears her ideal jewelry all day every day. The fact that she makes others happy with her jewelry too, is her dream coming true.

Afra uses solely sterling silver and 14 carat gold. She believes that these materials feel like you’re grounded and she just loves to feel the quality of these materials. All silver and gold used is Fairtrade. Besides that, Afra recycles all spare pieces of material by remelting.

How to treat Afra Amba jewelry

All Afra Amba pieces are handmade and handcrafted. The jewelry is made of either sterling silver (925), sterling silver with a layer of 24 carat gold (gold plated) or 14 carat solid gold.

Sterling silver items are subject to oxidizing after a certain time. When you’d like to make your silver items shiny again, just rub the pieces with a some silver polish (or toothpaste works sometimes too).

The layer of 24 carat gold on sterling silver items is always temporary. Due to the acidity of the skin (PH), the gold fades over time. Also chemicals like sunscreen, alcohol and heat may fade the layer of 24 carat gold. To enjoy gold jewelry longer, you may consider switching to 14 carat solid gold pieces.

To extend the longetivity of all Afra Amba items, it’s best not to expose the jewelry to moisture, heat and chemicals.



Afra is born and raised in Amsterdam and this has been her hometown ever since. Besides this city, she loves to be in Berlin for inspiration and self-development. This is a place where a lot of her inspiration comes from. For example, the Afra Amba bodychains were born in Berlin.

Besides designing and creating jewelry, Afra also loves to play vinyl records. 90s and modern techno, acid and electro are her favorites. Afra performs in clubs in and around the Netherlands.

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The one thing that Afra loves to do most is creating unique custom made jewelry. This is because of the emotional value these pieces hold. A piece of jewelry that is designed and created especially for one person is very valuable to both the wearer and to Afra.